Friday, April 17, 2009

User Review of Timberland Pro Valor: Valley Forge 94586 Police Boot

Timberland Pro Valor boots have really impressed me. I actually bought this tactical boot as a winter boot but found that I can wear it nearly all year long. I'm a police officer and I needed something that had some insulation but not so much that it weighted my foot down or made my feet sweat really bad. I walk a lot so my feet stay warm but sometimes I have to stand for long periods of time. I found that this boot has zone insulation so that it keeps the important parts of my feet warm such as the toes.

The boot is also Gore-Tex so it is also waterproof which is really important especially in the snow. I found that if I paired the boot with a wool sock with a moisture wicking liner that my feet stayed dry and warm on the days that I really need it. The Valley Forge has a small insert on the insole that you can remove to make the shoe to make it wider so that when it is time for the thicker sock you have more room.

I also especially liked the fact that the boot was all leather. I know that the boot will last me along time because it is all leather and will stand up to all that salt better. I like this boot and I am going to be buying the Timberland Bluehawk / Warhawk 94587 (at ) for the summer months so that I can have something more airy and light. I really liked this boot and the Timberland line and I would really recommend this boot to anyone that wants a warm reliable boot. Also the free flashlight was also a bonus because it gave me a spare to keep in my patrol car.

- Officer King

Valley Forge Gore-Tex 94586 at

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